Beaufort, Killarney
Co. Kerry, Ireland

Digital School of Distinction




Internet Safety


Cullina National School has received our Digital School of Distinction award. Cullina National School are very fortunate to have 13 ipads for use in every class throughout the school. We also have interactive whiteboards and printers in all classrooms. The ipads are used for

  • Station teaching
  • Literacy lessons
  • E. Lessons
  • Maths Stations
  • Typing
  • Photo Story
  • Project work
  • Numeracy
  • Gaeilge
  • To support S.E.N. classes.
  • The attributes of Tablets to support learning are
    • Tablets have different capabilities than other mobile computing devices such as laptops or netbooks:
    • Tablets are light-weight, portable, touchscreen, are ‘instant on’ with long battery life and ‘apps’
    • Like laptops, tablets are multi-functional mobile devices and can support student centred learning.
    • The instant-on capability means that tablets can be used without any start-up delays in a variety of situations, and this facilitates their use into areas where ICT might not have been considered before. It also facilitates use for a number of shorter periods (eg., 10 minutes) during class.
    • The instant-on feature enables the possibility of 'anytime, anywhere' elearning within school, in outdoor learning situations, or while on the move.
    • As students already live in the world of instant-on & touch technologies such as mobile phones, they perceive this as the norm, and this raises similar expectations for ICT use in schools, which tablets can support.
    • Tablets are continuing to evolve to incorporate new and innovative capabilities to support learning. For example in Microsoft Office is now available

We are delighted to use ICT and our iPads each day in Cullina National School.