Beaufort, Killarney
Co. Kerry, Ireland

Junior Entrepreneur Programme

Ms. Doyle’s 4th class have been participating in this programme since October 2017 therefore we have a lot of exciting photos to show you! While you wait for these to be uploaded to this page please take a look at our class blog, which we created earlier in the year to keep you all posted on our business endeavours 🙂

Class blog

Starting our business: Raising the flag             Michael Healy Rae gives us business advice.        Researching Irish and international businesses!
We had 4 design ideas: SlimeTime, Rollercoasters (Cool Coasters), Unstoppable Snowglobes & The Dog Collies  
The Dragons Den helped us decide which product to manufacture for our class business! We were nervous but really enjoyed the experience!!  
We invited not one but two entrepreneurs to our classroom. We asked some excellent questions to learn more about real life entrepreneurship!    
We conducted market research in our school community. We worked really hard to create some top quality products. Teamwork was essential for our business to succeed!  
We advertised our products in our school. We promoted Cool Coasters by using our school intercom system and we designed a pamphlet and an invite for our Showcase Day. We distributed these in our school community. We invited a customers service expert and award winning salesperson to our classroom to help prepare for our Showcase Day! We were really busy at this stage in our business.  
We invited all children to our class to view our creative products. We also held a bake sale to encourage purchases! Please take a look at all our products below. Coasters are creative, colourful coasters for teapots and cups. We offered different price packages and offers in advance of Mothers Day.                        
Showcase Day involved showing our products to parents and families. We sold EVERY product that day!! We even had to make more coasters to meet demand! We are thrilled it was such a success… our hard work paid off! Thank you to everyone who contributed!        

The Design Team, The Sales Team, The Marketing Team, The Storytelling Team & The Finance Team

We spent our profit from this business on a 2 day percussion workshop and the remainder of our profit pays for our class school tour in June! We worked hard to earn this profit so we are going to really enjoy the rewards of business!  
We received very exciting news shortly after we sold all our stock- a representative from this programme visited our class and interviewed us. The photographer/videographer plans to use some of these interviews and photos for advertising and promotional purposes in the future- some of us will even appear on the brochure next year that will be distributed nationwide! 😎  In addition to this our business was so successful that we have been chosen to showcase our business design and all our hard work in a special Showcase Day in the RDS in Dublin in June!!! Although we would love to attend we are too busy completing other exciting projects in our class…did you know we have already visited Dublin this year?! We travelled to Dublin for an exciting school tour in April that linked well with another wonderful project our class spearheaded this year….the Blue Star Programme. Please have a look at all our photos on the Blue Star Programme page. Thanks again for your support in our business!