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2nd Class Archive 2017/18


This was a very exciting month in 2nd class as we made our First Communion the end of April. Please check out the videos below to see 'Our Communion Story' and our Class Trip to Milanos, Killarney Outlet Centre and Killarney House. We had lots of fun making pizzas, shopping and visiting the house.

We also learned about the caterpillar and the butterfly in Science this month. We were delighted to make 3-d butterflies and caterpilliars. Check out our lovely pictures.

We love our 'wonderful' hats.

Our typing skills are really progressing and our recent stories 'My Wish' had lots of hopes and dreams for the future. Let's hope they all come through.


Everyone in 2nd Class is really excited for our First Communion. We have worked really hard at our prayers, readings, music and songs. We really enjoyed all our trips to the church. Everyone is hoping for a wonderful day and hope the sun shines bright.

We had lots of fun this month learning about length and measuring lines. All the children practised drawing lines on the Interactive Whiteboard.

We made lots of nice items in art. We are really proud of our seat names for our First Communion.

We are really proud of our Spring picture. It shows our 3-d butterflies and our Hyacinth Flowers. We hope some nice weather is on the way for our First Communion on April 28th.


Happy Easter to everyone from all in 2nd class. We made some beautiful eggs and some are ready to hatch.

We had lots of fun today for 'Jersey Day'. It was lovely to see an array of colours in class.

A second class pupil delighted with her 'All About Me Banner'. It shows her love for swimming, athletics and art and craft. Well done.

We had lots of fun this month learning all about St. Patrick. We all wrote our own stories about St. Patrick. We then typed these out and printed them. It was fun reading our stories out loud for the class. We also made a 'Leipreachán Cliste'. The question is 'Cá bhfuil an pota óir???


This was a busy month in 2nd class. We made our First Confession. This was fun learning about Zacchaeus and showing love to everyone. We really enjoyed all our trips to the church. For St. Valentine's Day we also made some 'Love Owl's' in art. All our families were delighted with these gifts.


This month we had lots of fun sampling healthy fruit and vegetables in class. We examined their texture, colour, smell, taste and how they felt inside and outside.


We really got into the festive spirit this December in 2nd class. We learned to sing Jingle Bells, Somewhere Only We Know, Go Tell it on the Mountain and lots more. We created Table Centrepieces with holly and greenery in class. It was lovely to show our decorations to our families and friends over Christmas. We also made some friendly elves.



We had lots of fun learning how to swim in Killarney Leisure Centre. It was also great to play some water games after our lesson. We also had great fun in class learning how to type with the schools new keyboards. It was fun typing and printing our stories on 'My-Self'. We displayed our stories on the class noticeboard for everyone to read. Check back soon for more of our stories.


Thanks for checking in. Have a lovely Halloween

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