Beaufort, Killarney
Co. Kerry, Ireland



Class: Infants Class

Junior Infants Term 1



Fine Motor Skills

Here were are practicing our cutting skills. Practice makes perfect!

Outdoor Adventures

Nature walks and outdoor free play - some of our best days so far.


Ready, Set, Go Maths

We really love this maths programme. Working together in our pods is so much fun.


Halloween in Cullina



Senior Infants Term 1

Halloween Fun!



Nature Walks

We are so lucky to have such beautiful scenery on our doorstep. We often like to go for walks to explore our local environment observing how it changes through the seasons. Below are photos from our autumn and winter nature walks.

Science Week

We learned about 'Light'. We made shadow puppets to explore how shadows are formed. We did some interesting experiments also.



Maths Week

We went on a Maths Trail around the school grounds during Maths Week. It was great fun!