Beaufort, Killarney
Co. Kerry, Ireland

Senior Infants Archive 2018/19

June 2019

School Tour Kennedy's Pet Farm 12/06/'19 - A great end to a great year!

Oral language development -making Rice Krispie Buns

Giant Indoor Games

May 2019

Our theme for May was 'The Seaside'.

In the Sand Area we created our own beach.  Check out our beach design using giant polydrons below:  The yellow polydrons represent the sand.  We made a towel to dry our feet using the green, red and blue polydrons.  The other blue polydrons represent the water.  A lot of thought went into the building of our giant lighthouse which is out at sea!  Pupils added security cameras at the beach "just in case the Guards need to check something!"

We decided what to bring on holidays and cut and pasted these pictures into beach bags.  Writing sensory poems and designing our own sunglasses was great fun!  We wrote postcards from exotic resorts!

We are working on writing with markers on mini whiteboards.  Here is a sample of great creative writing and drawing from a talented girl in Senior Infants.  She makes a fantastic effort at spelling, getting most of the letters in bigger words.

April 2019

Art - Clay

We explored the properties of clay.  Beginning with free play time we could smell, touch, roll, pinch and shape the clay.  We learned how to create smooth Pinch Pots and Easter Eggs.

We learned how to paint clay - DAB DAB DAB!

Míle buíochas - Thank you to the pupils in 4th Class who carried out Buddy reading lessons with us this month.  We developed listening skills and confidence in reading.

March 2019

Amhrán - Lá 'le Pádraig

Lá 'le Pádraig, Lá 'le Pádraig, Lá 'le Pádraig atá ann.

Bí ag seinm.  Bí ag máirseáil.  Lá 'le Pádraig atá ann. (Bua na Cainte)

Cress Seeds - Look at our garden grow...


Art display in the corridor:

Positive thinking - Green thoughts -

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear!

Integrated learning through play  - brainstorming:


February 2019

Lá Fhéile Vailintín

We were busy planting cress seeds during our integrated learning!

Today we welcomed the All-Ireland Junior Football Champions to our school!


Here is a sample of our integrated learning through play rota. We work in a different station every day.  The writing box allows us to develop creativity, letter formation and fine motor skills.

All roads lead to Croke Park this weekend!  Kerry (our class teddy) asked us to build a Beaufort house!  Lios a Phúca Abú!

January 2019

Our theme in January was 'Animals'.  We had great fun on the farm, making masks and drawing the other half of our favourite farm and zoo animals.

We learned the brush dance to the music of 'Baby Shark' and 'Cotton Eye Joe'.

December 2018

December was a busy month!  We explored the theme of Christmas in the Role Play Area and developed fine motor skills using sand and play dough.

We worked hard in preparation for our Christmas Play; The Night Before Christmas!  We love singing, acting and dancing.  In Gaeilge we carried out a series of Éist agus Dathaigh (Listen and Colour) lessons.

This picture depicts us relaxing and promoting emotional well-being in yoga class:

November 2018

Maths Trail - Pretending to be secret detectives we used magnifying glasses to find 2-D and 3-D Shapes in our local environment.  We drew our findings, sat in "The Presenters Chair" and reported them back to the class.

In November we remember our family and friends in heaven.

Here is our class remembrance tree and prayer corner:

In Aistear we devised a list of furniture for Moncaí's new house and learned how to dress a real bed!

October 2018

Our classroom was a spooky place to be today with a variety of Witches, Vampires, Skeletons and Pumpkins!

Using paint and chalk we explored the elements of line, shape, colour and tone.  Check out our fun Halloween Art:

Our Aistear theme was "Shopping".  We enjoyed the A-Z oral language, memory and concentration game - "I went to the shop and I bought..."  In the writing station we devised our own shopping lists and wrote acrostic poems.  We had great fun hosting our first ever Cake Sale and carving Pumpkins!

September 2018

Welcome to Senior Infants.  We say nice things.  We do nice things.  We work work work and have fun fun fun!

In the Construction Area we developed fine motor skills.  We designed, created and experimented with skeletal geo sets and worked with cubes.

Here is a sample of our Art work - Fun with My Family.  We have begun a project on photographs.  We were busy taking our own photographs of nature and shapes around our school.