Beaufort, Killarney
Co. Kerry, Ireland

Junior Unit Archive 2017/18


Our last month of Spring. We are all refreshed after our Easter break and looking forward to a fun last term.

We have been busy these last few weeks. We had a trip to Killarney town, we really enjoyed the playground.  Afterwards we went to Jam for hot chocolate. The perfect school day.

Dawid is really working hard on his tin whistle tunes. We really do enjoy hearing him play. Well done Dawid

We love to sit around together to do our art and chat. Our favourite part is when Miss Lorraine puts on music for us to listen. Sometimes we get to pick the songs.


At the start of this month we cooked ourselves a very tasty breakfast. Our classroom turned into a restaurant. It was lots of fun and our bellies were full.


Hope everyone had as much fun making pancakes as we did. Maybe we had a little too much chocolate spread but we earned it after all our efforts making our yummy pancakes.


We have a wonderful new addition to our classroom, we are delighted to have Dimitris join our class. He has brought so much fun and laughter to our room.


December was a very busy month in our class. It was filled with fun and creativity. We  really enjoyed our trip to Killarney on Ice. It was excellent. We hope we can go again next year  😀 .



One of our Favourite outings is a trip to Killarney town. We often go to the town park and enjoy the playground. Sometimes we go shopping and get some groceries for our parents or post letters in the post office. This is always finished off by our favourite part hot chocolate in Jam. It is delicious


Also in November Dawid and Mattie did excellent projects on European countries for 4th class. We are so proud of all their work and efforts. Well done!



We are all settled back and getting to know each other. We love to go on nature walks with Miss Lorraine, Emma and Karen, we like to look at our environment during the changing seasons.

September 2017 Activities