Beaufort, Killarney
Co. Kerry, Ireland

4th Class Archive 2017/18

May 2018

Europe Day takes place on the 9th of May. We will be celebrating the EUs birthday in our school hall so please check back here soon for all photos and videos.  It promises to be a brilliant show :mrgreen:


Introducing Eurovision Lip Sync                                        Our drumming workshop- our class

Battle to Cullina N.S.!                                                            business profit paid for this!


We grew Rocket!                                                                  Performing on Europe Day 😎


All set for Europe Day!                                                        We invited Martin into our class

to teach us about didgeridoos!

 Examining 3D shapes

April 2018

April was an incredibly busy month for 4th class. We travelled to Dublin to visit Leinster House and meet Deputy Michael Healy Rae once again. We all met in Killarney railway station at 7:20 in the morning and travelled by train to Heuston Station, Dublin. This was so much fun as some of us had never been on a train or been in Dublin before. Once in Heuston station we travelled on the Luas to Abbey Street. We then walked through the city until we reached Grafton Street. We saw so many interesting buildings and monuments on the way and even identified the Spire, the Liffey and the famous Ha'penny  Bridge. We enjoyed a fantastic Viking Splash Tour before visiting Leinster House. While here we were treated like V.I.Ps and given a tour by Deputy Michael Healy Rae. We visited Dáil Éireann and saw Leo Varadkar  giving a speech! We sat in on a meeting chaired by Deputy Healy Rae and received a wonderful welcome by the Joint Committee on European Affairs. We even listened to two ambassadors from Macedonia and Albania who wish to join the EU in the future. It was an incredible experience and one we will all remember for the rest of our lives. We had a lovely lunch in McDonalds before hitting the shops on Grafton Street.  Our school trip to Dublin was brilliant and we would love to do it all over again!

Please have a look at all our photos related to this and our Blue Star Programme exploits by following these steps:

  • Click on School Activities tab
  • Scroll down to Blue Star Programme
  • Click and enjoy! 😆

Starry Night by Van Gogh...preparation for Europe Day 😎


One Science lesson this month involved setting Rocket seeds, we will update you next month as to their growth! Have your ham sandwiches ready! :mrgreen:


  Look where we were!


                         We were VIPs for the day!


Our adventure begins...what a fantastic day 😎

 Once in a lifetime trip to Dublin! We even made our teacher a cool card and we all signed it just to say thanks for bringing us here 😀

We made a 'splash' in Dublin- the city didn't know what hit it when Cullina N.S. school arrived! 😆

March 2018

We worked very hard in our class business Cool Coasters this month. We held a school Showcase Day on the 10th of March. Please take a look at all our photos illustrating the story of our class business from start to finish by following these steps: (We promise it is worth it!!! 😀 )

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Our super teams that made our class                                   Our very first customer!     😀                                 JEP over for 2018...

business so successful!                                                                                                                                             not to count our profits 😎

                                   Cool Coasters- Our highly successful business...we have very exciting plans for our profits! 😆

We held a bake sale in our class this month and sold some delicious products! :mrgreen:    

Our Cool Coasters  were completely  sold out so we had to produce more for our waiting customers. Thank you so much  for supporting our business and  don't forget to take a look at our class blog for more photos!

February 2018

4th class always fills our hallway with LOVE!!!

                                                Valentines art and pancakes made with care and love...


January 2018

A happy 4th Class Quiz team collecting              We use our I-pads for research         Created by Ms. Ellen Doyle for a penpal

the coveted Class Trophy 🙂                                in 4th class....                                          system between our school and theirs!




Station teaching is ongoing in our classroom-                        Our school KWD competition entry...

we work hard but love all the fun activities!                             fingers crossed!!! 😎

December 2017

Anne Frank inspired Pop Art and our very own recreations of our favourite entries from this iconic diary...

We take recycling seriously in this class 🙂  Look at our beautiful Christmas trees...

can you guess what we used to make these???



Marbling Art was fun...                                                     We played a lot of Chirstmas tunes this month but also  learned some

like us no two are the same!                                             European compostions by Mozart, Brahm & Beethoven! (Please check out

our Blue Star Programme page for more details! 😎 )

November 2017

Hot seat a character.... great drama tool                   Collecting our 4th class Quiz trophy!

to help us explore characters in our novel!               Guess you could say these were an 'Outshining' team....get it?????  😆   🙄


We began reading The Diary Of Anne                              This month we constructed Fairy doors in Visual Arts- in

Frank...what a fascinating account of history.                response to a text we all enjoyed reading... this is just a sample

If you would like to see more then a visit to our classroom is a must! 😛


Welcoming a V.I.P to our classroom and school...please check out our Blue Star Programme tab for more details...our class received an amazing invite after this visit but you must visit our Blue Star programme tab to learn more!! 😆


October 2017

Just one of our many projects for the year ahead...we are learning all about the E.U.  The skills we are developing in the process include; project planning, teamwork , communication, I.T., research and presentation...skills for life!

KWD Recycling workshop...                                                    Halloween is here! 👿  😕  😥


We watched a live stream of a meeting of the Joint Commission on European Affairs in Dáil Éireann ... please check our Blue Star Programme tab for more details...exciting news to follow....  :mrgreen:


 Our class are going into business!! Please look at our Junior Entreprenuer Programme tab for details and regular updates! 😎

September 2017

Adding colour to R.E. and Grow In Love with

our handmade stained glass windows.

Exploring line in Visual Arts...Creative Cityscapes

Learning all about historical figures such as  Martin Luther King & Rosa Parks inspires new dreams!


Beginning our project work this year...the brief was simple: plan a road trip around Ireland for Ms. Doyle & Lisa incorporating 4 counties and identifying suitable accommodation and fun activities! We all learned so much about our wonderful country and are now almost ready to work in any tourist office in Ireland! 😛


Jackson Pollock inspired Art...from this        ➡              to                   ➡                    this!