Beaufort, Killarney
Co. Kerry, Ireland

Ist Class Archive 2019/20

February 2020

Printing Fun! We created Spring pictures by printing with various materials. For the sky we printed with bubblewrap. We used forks to create the grass. Finally, we used our fingerprints for the flowers, birds, butterflies and other insects.


Happy Valentine's Day from First Class!


We learned how to use an app called Book Creator on the iPads. This app is used to create digital books. We are currently working in pairs and groups to create a digital book about our school!


In Science we learned about Light. Using a torch, we tested materials to see whether they were 'Transparent' or 'Opaque'.

January 2020

In P.E. this month we focused on Gymnastics. We had lots of fun exploring various balances and rolls. We also practised jumping and landing.


Pencil roll


We had fun practising our Gaelic Football skills with PJ.



Beep Beep and Buckle Up!! We learned about the importance of wearing our seatbelts at all times when travelling in the car...Watch out the Seatbelt Sheriffs are about!!!


We celebrated Grandparents Day on January 30th. We came up with lots of adjectives to describe our Grandparents and wrote acrostic poems about them! Aoibheann did a lovely project about her Nana and Grandad and presented it to the class. Well done Aoibheann!




December 2019

What a busy month it has been. The children in First Class were very busy practising for their Christmas play 'A Midwife Crisis'. Many hours were spent both in school and at home learning and practising songs and lines and it certainly paid off. They were amazing on the day! We were so proud of them!

Over the last couple of months we have been exploring the 'Writing to Socialise' genre. The boys and girls wrote numerous notes and letters to our mischievous elf Eddie and they also wrote their letters to Santa. They designed invitations inviting family members and friends to our Christmas play also.


We had lots of fun painting this month. Here are some samples of our masterpieces.

Elf Invasion!!!


P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin!


Snowy, Snowy Night!











To top off a really exciting month we travelled to Crag Cave with Senior Infants to visit Santa. We had such a fantastic day and everyone was so well behaved.

Road trip to Crag Cave!!

Even the big children enjoyed themselves!!!


November 2019

We were delighted to have Ms. Aoileann Fitzgerald on teaching practice in our class for the last month. We enjoyed her time with us and we wish her the very best of luck in the future.

We learned about 'School Long Ago'. We visited Mrs. Stack's classroom for a closer look at the old school desks. The children were very impressed with how useful the ink well was for holding tin whistles!!!

In maths we explored 2-D Shapes and we created 'Shape Monsters' during an art lesson.

Preparations got underway for our Christmas play 'A Midwife Crisis'.


October 2019

This month we had our first nature walk of the year. We were looking for signs of autumn on our travels! We gathered different types of leaves and we also found some acorns and blackberries. We are so lucky to live in such beautiful area.

Throwback to our autumn nature walk two years ago in Junior Infants!!

Some of the amazing entries in First Class for the Halloween Pumpkin Competition.



Halloween art by First Class


Halloween Dress Up Fun!

September 2019

Welcome to First Class!

I am delighted to be teaching the boys and girls in First Class again. It seems like only yesterday that I welcomed them on their first day of school in Junior Infants.  Since then there have been some lovely new additions to the class.

This month we also welcomed two new boys to our class, Seán and Cian. Both boys have settled in so well thanks to the warm welcome they received from the children in First Class. We hope Seán and Cian will be very happy with us in Cullina.


We were very excited for the All-Ireland Football Final between Kerry and Dublin. We enjoyed singing our 'Peter Keane Song' for Radio Kerry and we all wore our Kerry colours with pride on jersey day. We designed and painted our own Kerry jerseys also. Ciarraí Abú!

We explored line drawing in art this month. We drew various types of lines and created patterns.

The children drew portraits of their classmates. We experimented with the idea of shading using pencil.