Beaufort, Killarney
Co. Kerry, Ireland

Senior Unit 2017-18 Archive


In our Religion lessons this month, we have been honouring Mary. We have done this by creating a May altar in our classroom, learning the 'Hail Mary' prayer, and singing the hymn 'Bring flowers of the rarest.'

During the month of May, we undertook a class project on Japan. One of our pupils had recently visited family there, and was able to share his experiences of Japanese culture. Through our research, cross curricular links were made between the subject areas of: Science, Geography, Literacy and Art!




Occupational Therapist, Mrs Denise Casey regularly visits our school to work with our pupils. She has supported us to implement a differentiated Sensory Circuit Programme, which enables children to undertake specific physical activities that address their individual needs. Some of targets of the programme include: developing co-ordination and balance, developing gross motor skills, and alerting, organising or calming activities.


Spring has sprung!


Celebrating the feast of St Brigid's Day!



Bidding a fond farewell to our retiring principal Mrs. Moira Cronin.


During the month of October, children in Mrs Walsh/Mrs Stack’s class were busy preparing Halloween Art!


Children completed a project on Autumn during the month of September. We explored our locality to see how the trees are changing, and incorporated our findings into Art, English and SESE lessons.