Beaufort, Killarney
Co. Kerry, Ireland

Senior Unit Archive 2019-20

Welcome to our room. Have a look inside to see what wonderful things we do

Only a day and a few years apart - Happy Birthday Dawid


We went and picked some blackberries to make a pie.

It was delicious!



We took a trip into Killarney and visited Killarney House, the Cathedral and Playground

Killarney House

Our Lunch:

We met Mons. Hugh O'Flaherty - The Scarlet Pimpernel

Onto the Cathedral to look at the architecture of the church, the mosaics and the stained glass.

Off to the playground before returning back to school

Well Done to Dawid on his Astellas Art Competition win.

Our first cooked meal of 2020 - our version of Chilli Con Carne!

Happy Birthday Wiktor - 12 today!!

We experimented with fermentation to show that gas is produced when the fermentation process is underway. We used hot water, yeast and sugar. When the hot water helped the yeast to feed on the sugar, CO2 was produced. To prove gas was created we attached a balloon to the open end of a bottle. After time the balloon started to inflate, so show that gas was being made and being caught in the balloon.